My Personal Soundtrack

Some of you know that I become temporarily obsessed with things. Music in particular. You may know that I almost always have music playing, that I listen to playlists sent to me, Pandora, ITunes Radio, and all that sort of thing, and that when I hear a song that strikes my fancy I download it and sometimes listen to it on repeat for days.

So allow me to instantiate a new tag…thing, hashtag? That we will call “Simon’s Personal Soundtrack”. I became tired of inserting my current obsessions into completely normal scrolling like some sort of advertisement. Somehow organizing them seems more polite.

Well then, all that over and done with, my current theme song is

Do you feel it – Chaos Chaos

I found it via Rick and Morty, a show I am now bingeing because of their ability to persuade McDonalds to bring back Sichuan sauce. I am enjoying it immensely and the song features in one of the first episodes to truly touch the heart and delve into philosophical points.

I promise future posts in this chain will not be so long.


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