type your name and keep hitting predictive text and see what sentence comes up

Maja is the only one that has a lot to do with the fact that they never notified us

Madison is a great friend and she knows how to play a role model for the others.

Jill is a great man and a great man to be a great man

Well I mean, I am gender fluid but I guess I should buy some good wing tips and bow ties?

Jackie Lee is the best part tbh and a good idea tho lol

Savi night night times and I are going to that you deserve my affection for a specific reason seems to be around him half the time.

Abby’s is a good 😊 and soul too good to be a good 😊 and soul soul and she loves you

Simon’s is the best way ever since she was the first to unscramble a monster.

The devil?

Lily is the Dark side of the moon is an illusion and I hope

Complete the sentence !

Celia is a beautiful woman who has a beautiful hair color.

Hahaha why is your Siri so kind?

Emma is unique as a result of the end of last night thinking it was Thursday.
But it was Thursday 🙃


Listen, idk wtf my phone thinks it’s trying to say, but with my preferred name…

Ress is the way you are a good girl today so you don’t have a baby soon after all of this morning to be a good boy and I don’t want to go on the floor or his hand on my way home baby looked at the counter to me to do that I am too long as it’s a lot to do with the idea that I am too long as it’s a lot to do with….

I am apparently too long.

Hahahahaha Siri is apparently a judgmental Russian grandmother having trouble with English.

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