Today, I have been experimenting.























I’m five bottles of wine down. We will see where this ends. And don’t talk to me about drinking in the morning. Drinking hasn’t a schedule, and I’m curious about something biochemical.

Let us know if you have an urge to sing Stampers’s secret song.

*makes face*

Can you even get drunk? I know you heal extremely rapidly, and that most poisons have no effect on you. I seem to recall you mentioning drinking rotgut distilled in a shed behind someone’s house out of whatever grain was available a thousand or so years ago, but I don’t recall you saying that it got you drunk, only that it tasted awful. 

Also, wine sounds wonderful but I’m at work, so knock back a bottle of Shiraz for me. 

We shall see.

And as for the blood cocktail…alcohol is an anticoagulant, so presumably it would keep the blood from clotting. Should work. 

It might actually taste pretty decent in a bloody mary. The salty iron taste and all. 

Yes, that was my exact thought.

Some food labs have tried this out before- blood is making a comeback in the fancy cooking world, apparently. Their conclusion on alcoholic drinks with blood is that they have far too much of a sharp, metallic taste, but I doubt that would bother you. Or if it did, I assume you could figure out how to sweeten it/neutralize the bitterness.
More interestingly, their experiments have found that the presence of albumin in blood makes it comparable to eggs as a cooking ingredient- anything you can make with eggs, you can make with blood. One kitchen went so far as to make blood ice cream, which taste testers found delicious.
The best article I found:

Yes I did know that it. Blood has been used as a thickener and custard medium for ages. In my cooking particularly. I could see making a few classic cocktails with blood instead of egg.

If you end up making something like blood-nog, you have to post pictures. That’s a hilarious idea. I wonder how hot I’d have to get pig’s blood to use it safely in something like that…

Did you see my Christmas post of last year to do with posset?

The anemic in me is tempted, but the rest of me says, “Oh hell no! Over my dead body!”

But I bet it would help give my hemoglobin a boost…

Blood soup is like the most delicious gravy you’ve ever eaten.

Yes but… see… The thing is… I don’t like traditional gravy either…

I mean you do you but… I’ll pass on all the gravies. Thanks.

White/sausage gravy is, I am convinced, the work of the devil. There is nothing as disappointing as smelling hot biscuits and sausage and then discovering they have been transmogrified into cold, soggy biscuits laden with library paste flecked with the greasy remains of the sausage.

A nice brown gravy with poultry or meat juices, browned roux, added spices and herbs, a little wine, that’s lovely.

Two handfuls of white flour dumped unceremoniously into half-done sausages and mashed until the sausage is disintegrated into lukewarm oily paste is not gravy, it’s a war crime.

That is not how I make sausage gravy, young lady. But yes I agree that I am partial to a proper brown gravy.

Who….. Hurt you guys??? Granted biscuits and gravy from a restaurant is disgusting but have you never had a quality biscuits and gravy?


No, I’ve never had anything resembling good white gravy. I make ‘sausage gravy’ that involves the drippings from spicy Italian sausages, a bottle of beer, extra cayenne, oregano, onion powder, garlic, and pepper, and some nicely golden brown butter roux, but white gravy is a waste of breakfast sausage.

Make precisely that and add white flour and milk. And black pepper. We will call it “good”

I’m a huge fan of gravy in general, including sausage gravy, but how about this:

Chipped beef.

Please tell me one of you likes chipped beef? Please? PLEASE?!

It’s meat.

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