type your name and keep hitting predictive text and see what sentence comes up

Maja is the only one that has a lot to do with the fact that they never notified us

Madison is a great friend and she knows how to play a role model for the others.

Jill is a great man and a great man to be a great man

Well I mean, I am gender fluid but I guess I should buy some good wing tips and bow ties?

Jackie Lee is the best part tbh and a good idea tho lol

Savi night night times and I are going to that you deserve my affection for a specific reason seems to be around him half the time.

Abby’s is a good 😊 and soul too good to be a good 😊 and soul soul and she loves you

Simon’s is the best way ever since she was the first to unscramble a monster.

The devil?

Lily is the Dark side of the moon is an illusion and I hope

Complete the sentence !

I tried – it kept getting too long and repeating itself.

Then it’s a prediction and a mantra.

Indeed. That’s why cats and I can afford to stay far away from one another.



The Independent TD said: ““There are numerous fairy forts in that area.

“I know that they are linked. Anyone that tampered with them back over the years paid a high price and had bad luck.”

When asked whether he believed in fairies, he said there are “sacred places” one shouldn’t tamper with.

He also said he would “rather starve” than disturb a fairy fort.

These are my people.


Ancient fairy curse is causing dips in road, claims Irish MP

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