coward keeping that info to himself

I want to know where he found this supposed information. Allow me to point this out. Humans only live an average of 70 years. Of that 70, approximately 12 are the period of time given to reaching maturity. Of the remaining 58, I’m willing to estimate that most people do not engage in sexual intercourse when in their final years, so let’s subtract 5.

This leaves us with 53 years in which to have sexual intercourse. If 85% of homosexuals are sleeping with 500 OR MORE people in their lives, this means the following:

Every homosexual is sleeping with approximately ten people per year. That’s about one per month.

If that were true, we could check it, with basic math using the statistics of other fields of study. For example, disease transmission.

Approximately 4% of the population declares themselves LGBTQ. That’s about 13 million people (this statistic is not broken down by gender, but lumps all LGBTQ persons together, effectively making gay male population much smaller, possibly half, but let’s use the full number for the benefit of the insane bigoted doubt). 13 million people sleeping with one person per month, within their own population.

Now let’s assume that all sexual contacts are with new persons. This seems feasible, since they’re apparently sleeping with ten people a year, why not give new one? That the one month these two have sexual intercourse, they manage to have at lest one unprotected encounter. This also seems quite feasible, as recall, it only has to happen once, and five unprotected sexual encounters per year is more than probable if they are actually so promiscuous.

Assuming all these conditions, if there are only 5 gay men with syphilis, and they each sleep with five new partners, having unprotected sex with each one only one time, and then each of those men did the same thing, and on and on, it would only take ten iterations, or about ten months, for the entire gay male population to be carrying this disease. There is obviously some wiggle room, but I think you can agree with me, that if five gay men had this disease and the sex was happening as this person presumes, within two years a huge portion of the gay population would have a sexually transmitted disease.

HIV, HOV, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis A. If this poster’s statistic were true, then gay men would literally be dropping dead, or requiring far more medical care than they actually obtain. According to the CDC, there are only about 5,000 cases of syphilis in the US, which is odd, considering that is one of the easiest diseases to get from male/male sexual contact. The CDC also says that there were only about 26,000 HIV diagnoses in gay men. So where are the millions of disease carrying gays out to taint your population with disease…oh, pardon me, no, because they are gay and won’t be having sex with any of you. So really, their promiscuity only harms themselves, which likely means they would evaluate the risks involved and be cautious…likely because they have intellect.

Simple math shows this idiot’s statistic to be impossible. And that’s using only one other science to demonstrate population movements with regards to sex. It takes into account NONE of the polling done to ask gay men approximately how many partners they have actually had.

I despise falsely reported “information” especially when framed in absolute terms by bigoted fools who then turn the other cheek and call facts “fake news”.

THIS GUY. GUYS. I’m following this was the best drag and the best facts I’ve seen this month

Thank you.

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