Got to admit, bit disappointed in myself.


@simonalkenmayer – as promised, steak pictures. It did not turn out as rare as I would’ve liked. Last time though the steaks were thicker – filet mignons to be exact, where I believe these were porterhouse. I’m not good at identifying steak except for filet mignons because they’re my favorite. 

I know you wash off the marinade before cooking, but mom likes it on and likes to have the extra poured on while cooking. I also put a bit of A1 on them because despite turning them and massaging them often they still had a dry spot or two. I’ll put the pictures under Read More to not stretch out people’s dashboards.

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You don’t wash the meat off after you’ve applied marinade, you just pat it dry. any sauce you want to make you make secondarily away from the meet and then apply to the meet after the meat has sat rested. Thinner steaks, less than 1 ½ inches only require a few minutes per side on high heat to be considered rare.

My steak post is tagged. Please do locate it. It gives all the proper instructions.

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