Denny’s for breakfast.

Also, this is beautiful.

temptingly beautiful but do not stare directly at it

What the hell is a moon cake? I hate Denny’s

For one genuine moment I thought yall meant moon cake as in the traditional Chinese pastry we eat during Mid Autumn Festival.

But no. It was this—

I’m disappointed.

We all are. Denny’s is just a disappointment in general.

Denny’s can’t just be a disappointment, ya know. That’s at least, regionally, THE disappointment.


Y’all wanna hate on Denny’s, make your own posts. 😎


The whole purpose of this medium is to allow discussion. If you don’t want discussion, why post? Disable comments or something else. Denny’s makes lackluster, preprocessed junk. They do it with frozen items they purchase in bulk. Being in the industry, I can absolutely say you’ll be able to find the same type of food much better prepared at local privately owned establishments. The same establishments being driven out of business by a huge corporation that could care less about how their employees or patrons fare.

I don’t think that’s wrong to say.

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