A culinary… something or other, for @simonalkenmayer. We’ll call it an experiment. Beef chuck roast with purple cabbage, celery, and green peppers. I made several small cuts in the roast and stuffed it with fresh diced garlic, and rosemary and sage from my garden. Also added a pinch of cayenne, black pepper blend, and himalayan pink salt.

Roasted at 400 degrees in a cast iron pot, I think for something like an hour and a half.

Looks colorful! Probably tastes delicious. Certainly sounds as if it does. Thank you for sharing.

Apparently delicious enough for my phone to keep it and tell me it didn’t post the first two times I tried to send it, and then post all three at once. *sigh* Technology…

Indeed. My phone has currently decided not to allow me to do about half the things it is designed to do.

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