“Don’t call Trump supporters nazis, it hurts their feelings.”

Yes, this is real (link to tweet). Yes, Tucker Carlson is literally repeating Nazi propaganda that aided the genocide of the Romani during the Holocaust. Yes, I am furious. 

(Also, although there is a large population of Romani in Romania, they aren’t indigenous to Romania. They’re a diasporic group originally from northern India.)

Romani and Jewish have been screaming at the top of their lungs for years about neo-fascism in Europe, and Americans were totally aloof.

Then neo-fascism reared its head in America, but Roma and Jews were left out of the conversation in terms of people being impacted, because our oppression was “over.”

Now Tucker Carlson is on live TV using slurs and Nazi propaganda about Romani people, and I’m 90% most people on the left are just going to ignore it.

It’s fucking starting y’all. It’s happening again.

If you’re not Jewish or Roma PLEASE BOOST THIS.

Oh gods not again

This isn’t their country. It belongs to whomsoever claims it. To everyone, and though it seems that they are all around you, they are by far and away the minority. They hold megaphones and soapboxes, but so can you. 15% of the population of this country voted for Trump. This makes them by far the minority. Perhaps it’s time they learn what being a minority actually feels like. Take over the news, take over social media, be devious. Post mailers of the faces of racists, identify and boost, if you plan to go to a protest, bring three friends. Triple your boycotts.

Get angry. Show them what it means to be afraid.

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