This is called “Slop”. That’s what I call it.

It’s complete garbage, but it is something you can do with old rice.

Mine is a take on Korean hot pots. I marinate meat in soy, ginger, garlic, onion, soju, and Korean pepper paste. Then I toss it into a large wok. I toss in vegetables and old rice. I cook it until it turns to a mush, and all the liquid is gone, and then I fry the blazes or of it. It turns into a flavorful, spicy paste with crunchy bits.

It’s delicious. A hodgepodge of flavors all mottled together. I could eat it by the bucketful, which is why it deserves a paper plate.

You make this too!!!

Oh man I love ‘rice with leftovers’ fixings. Mexican rice with leftover taco meat, onions and cheese, fried rice mixed in with the last bits of beef and snow peas and rehydrated with the last of the egg drop soup, plain white rice with chopped meaty leftovers and Italian or Cesar salad dressing…mmmm

It’s a pig trough of joy.

I do tend to discern by culture. I have made Chinese Slop, with old sweet and sour, fried rice, wanton soup, Thai chili, five spice, soy, and broccoli. I’ve made Mexican, as you say with left over tacos, and a bowl full of tapatio. I’ve also made Indian Slop, using yogurt, every spice in the cupboard, Tandori “meat” and sweet potatoes. Italian features sausage, tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella, Parmesan, red wine, and a dash of cream.

Essentially, it is an excellent way to dispose of leftovers and… ehem…fiddle bits.

Ooh! I forgot ‘we’re out of food’ slop! The last sad bits of celery, the suspicious looking carrot, onions yanked out of the garden, salt, pepper, chicken broth powder, whatever spices you have, a cup of green tea, and the end of the milk.

You make the tea and then use it with extra water and chicken broth to cook the rice in. Saute the rice and veggies in butter or oil til the rice is browned golden, then add the cup of tea, cup of water, and tablespoon of chicken broth powder, and whatever herbs and spices you’ve got left. Cook until the rice is done, then cover with towel and lid for ten minutes. Fluff, then slowly stir in the last half cup of whole milk and some butter if you have any.

You can also add any frozen greens, a whole tomato (use like ¼ cup less water) and chopped chicken/pork to this as it cooks.

I always use precooked rice. I always have it. I make a metric ton, tire of it, leave it in a sack in the ice box, and finally get back to it.

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