who did this. who did this. also nascar goth is just any one of our southern friends

tag ur self we all know im basic goth


Western goth already exists. Guess they’ve never heard of Fields of Nephilim.

They all do exist. I’ve seen them. Also I’ve been them.

It was the 90’s. Everyone was goth in the 90’s. Especially those of us who eat people.

It’s just practical.

Can we bring them all back? Who do we have to sacrifice to make that happen?

Invite me out for cocktails and wait to see what shows up, then hand me the first man who propositions you.

That’s the summoning ritual.

Sounds imminently manageable.

Grandpa goth is my personal aesthetic no matter what era. Don’t mock me. It was imminently achievable in the Middle Ages, though the color black was impossible to obtain or wear (heavily legislated) dark gray was easily had.

I used to rock something similar to the teacher goth aesthetic, but I’m too lazy, now. It’s just like snarky black tees and silver jewelry. It’s enough. Also, I can’t finance the fancy wardrobe and my book habit, so I’m focusing on my library needs, now.

Excellent prioritization

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