I did a thing…

I’d let go of that hand immediately; a formal letter of eviction, goodbye, the others of humanity.

Thank you.

Humans have proved they are horrible creatures for the most part.

Monsters are typically the kind ones.

This is not true.

Humans aren’t horrible. They aren’t “bad”. They’re just rather far behind in evolution than they once thought they were. You say they’re “horrible” because you have expectations of them. I do not. You are a collection of atoms. You exist. You may either choose to add complexity and richness of experience to the lives of others, or you do not. You are not “bad” if you do not.

I suppose the only evil that really exists is to do something you know will harm another and that is a choice for humanity. It isn’t for animals for the most part. A lion must eat. It knows it eats gazelle. It hunts and kills the gazelle. It has no choice. Humanity does.

Is it “horrible” if when faced with the choice it finds the moral quandary difficult? I don’t think so. You’re simply not evolved enough yet to make easy work of it. When a child is on the playground and takes a toy from another child’s hand, what do we say to them? “That is not how you should behave. It is better to share, because then all parties have a portion of happiness, while depriving them of it only causes harm”. The child will then learn, through reputation, that this is true. Then the next time they face the quandary of keeping it all to themselves, or doubling up on joy, the question becomes more simple.

What I am saying is this: You aren’t horrible, you’re simply not as wise as you could be. That there are many of you who recognize there is a serious quandary, says everything. Better that you see it, than that you don’t.

Have a little more confidence in your species. It contains people like you, doesn’t it?

I say that humans are horrible not because they do cruel things. I say it because on countless occasions i have witnessed humans go out of their way to be cruel knowing it will hurt others just because they can. A decision that must be made is neither good nor bad, it simply is. A decision to be cruel knowing it will harm others and also be of no benefit to anyone is horrible. I have no expectations of those who know no better. It is those who do and still choose to be cruel or willfully ignorant that bother me. 

The expectation i have of humans is that they could at least show the courtesy of attempting to better themselves. Some do, and i get along well with those typically, but the quantity i’ve seen that will do anything in their power to be cruel and avoid betterment lead to the statement that our species is horrible. 

It is horrible now, i do hope it will not always be so. I am a pessimist, life has never given me reason not to be. Whatever can go wrong will; what cannot will sure as hell try. It is only through determination and persistence that we achieve anything worthwhile, that or the occasional luck moment.

You’ve repeated me. I will say it again: “horrible” is a value judgement born from your own expectations. I am not one of you. I have no expectations. To me you’re simply evolving. A child is not horrible because it does not fully understand the harm it does to itself or others. To me you are simply not aged beyond the point of comprehending that it is good judgement to be compassionate and that momentary deprivation of your desires is not going to harm you. You are greedy, because for millennia you fought over resources. It’s built into you. Your intellect has grown to the point where the struggle is lessened, but the urge to be greedy remains. You will now have to evolve past that and learn to approach your instincts with your intellect and silence them.

Humans are not horrible. They’re young.

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