This precious girl had her 6th birthday party today. Her actual birthday is on Wednesday but we partied as a family early. Under the influence of @simonalkenmayer that cake is carrot cake and she turned down pepperoni pizza for green peppers and tomatoes. I’m telling you, telling her about the veggie monster has done wonders. Well she told me about the veggie monster. I just admitted I was friends with him. She’s also having less nightmares now that she sleeps with my Pocket Simon. He eats monsters. I’m proud of my Sambam.

The party was great. It was just immediate family which is how we party. There were only a few cases with families not always being prefect. Like when Pat spoke about how he wants to go to Japan when he turns 45, and my father rolled his eyes. But we moved on from the moment and it just further inspired my house spouse too make it there.

Why should that inspire eye rolling. I want to go to Japan and I’m 2000. Roll your eyes at that you old bastard.

I am very proud of her. She’ll outgrow my influence someday, but until then, I hope she will make heavy use of my gift. I am waiting on another shipment of paracord, and then it will be complete.

My dad is… Well…
And Pat is…
So the two of them together is like a grease fire and water… But they were both well behaved tonight. They’ve learned. Eye roll aside.

I can’t wait for Sambam to see what you’re making her. She is going to flip out. Which is 6yo speak for get really really excited. She’s already having me start checking the mail for it and I’m just like, “Oh no baby. Not yet. He’s still working on it. I promise you when it’s time to start checking the mail I’ll let you know. ” Then she sighs and goes and peeks out the front door window like you’re sitting on the front porch sewing it together right there.

Oh what a sweet girl. I’m seldom so popular with children.

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