Idea: more fantasy heroines who don’t look down on female-coded work









Sword-swinging mercenaries who admire the hell out of their sister-in-law’s delicate, painstaking embroidery. Mages who find their experience with running a household helps them organize and control their magic. Desperate rebels who know they are absolutely dependent on the women who cook and mend and care for the wounded.

I am so bored of heroines who sneer at ‘womanly’ things and complain of the uselessness of embroidery. Your average medieval kingdom wouldn’t last a week without people doing women’s work.

How often is embroidery sneered at?

Surprisingly often. A lot of authors – even otherwise good authors – use embroidery as a textual shorthand for ‘useless & fussy female responsibilities’ in fantasy novels.

Ok to be fair embroidery can be extremely repetitive and tedious, especially if you’re making a large piece of work. And it’s purely decorative, so it doesn’t help anyone stay clothed or anything.

It does, actually! Embroidery along seams, hems, collars, cuffs, etcetera, help reinforce high-wear areas of a garment, lengthening its useful life. Plus it’s a way to subtly conceal small holes or other damage. It could also add value to otherwise cheap clothing – not everyone could buy yards of silks or velvet. Embroidery thread, on the other hand, was much more accessible.

via @lectorel #embroidery was also a skilled craft which people paid for  #so it was in fact a potential form of employment

people love looking at embroidery but scoff at the idea someone could do it for work or that its art

Not to mention that was something that could be sold to keep the castle going and to buy anything they couldn’t make.  Beautiful things are highly valued, even today.  And crafts people were a lot more valued before the industrial revolution.  Your embroidery skills were super important to doing your part to keep your home going.  It was a fucking job.  

And you can unpick embroidery from an old piece to make something new. 

I would like it if none of these tasks were gender coded at all. That would be lovely, thank you.

Anyone who thinks

That the history of humanity began 5,000 years ago, and prior to, was ignored by ignorant hunter gatherers who couldn’t conceive of written language, should look up Gobekli Tepe and try not to hurt their jaw by letting their mouth hang open too long.

There is a vast quagmire of nebulous past beneath you. Most of modernity is built on lies and ignorance. Even your anthropologists make insane conclusions about what they see in five percent of one of the most influential archaeological digs ever undertaken.

Makes me want to roll my eyes. The things I could talk about.

*shakes head*





James A. Schultz, 2006, ‘Heterosexuality as a Threat to Medieval Studies,’ Journal of the History of Sexuality, 15, 1, pp.14-29

There have always been gay people. I’ve never understood why humans have pervasively framed it as a scourge of their time. It been a constant through all of your time. The more complex the brain, the more layered and nuanced becomes sexuality. One could hypothesize that as humans evolved to possess more higher brain function, there were more gay people, but that would require study.

The point is…the only scourge to humanity is the hatred of things that each individual cannot understand.

Actually the whole sexuality being complex isnt just a exclusive human thing even other animals do it!
We had cases of same sex couples with penguins or swans who are know to be monogamous

And those are the animals who have longest periods of mate-mate engagement.













if teenagers are ever being mean to you just pull out any miscellaneous item you have on you at the moment and make up some bullshit term to scare them

teenagers: we are going to punch you
me *pulling out spoon*: have you lot ever been Uncle Jimmied

teenagers: we are going to kick you
me *pulling out an electric toothbrush*: have you all ever experienced a Norwegian Christmas…

teenagers: we are going to unlawfully take your money
me *taking car keys out of my pocket*: say, have any of you ever had a Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch…….

teenagers: we are going to call you mean names
me *taking Costco brand pair of socks out of my purse*: it’s been a while since i gave someone a Tropic Of Capricorn………….

teenagers: we’re violent just for the fun of it !
me *microwaving a hard-boiled egg*: you’re all about to get a Matthew Broderick Jr.

teenagers: we are going to spread rumors about you
me *getting out my tube of rash cream*: don’t force me to give you a Chinese Whistling Garden

teenagers: we are about to physically assault you
me *pulling out cantaloupe*: seems like you rapscallions have never heard of the Screaming Astronaut

teenagers: we are going to commit felonies
me *pulling out handfuls of spaghetti*: I’m sorry you all have to experience the Kansas Turnpike …

teenagers: i am preparing to steal an automotive vehicle
me *taking out a roll of dental floss*: keep this sort of behavior up and you’re going to get the Rick Astley’s Crochet

teenagers: i plan to do acts of physical hooliganism!
me *takes a Bop It out of my pocket*: I don’t normally do this but I’ll enjoy giving you a North Carolina Senator G.K. Butterfield

if theres a day i dont reblog this assume i died

I will try this, but with real terms as well as false so that no one can tell



Okay, you need to make sure you play this game at some point. Maybe not today or anything, because you’ll need about thirty minutes and a serious willingness to understand how it works, but – it’s so worth it. It’s basically an answer to our occasional frustration – why do assholes always come out on top? – and the beautiful thing about it is that not only does it explain how that happens, but also how we can change it.

“In the short run, the game defines the players. But in the long run, it’s us players who define the game.”

This is fascinating if you’re into math or sociology or computer programming or all of the above.

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