Apparently my advice on diarrhea is not acceptable.

I don’t know why. It’s a treatment widely accepted by the medical community. 

OMG…. It’s like the drink your own urine for a cure…. I, unfortunately DO NOT remember that whole story, but I’m just extremely happy I don’t.

Actually that is ludicrous and based on rubbish, while this is based on science.

Urine is actually highly toxic, and concentrated for waste disposal. Liquids funnel through the filtration organs and excrete a highly concentrated batch of chemical byproducts.

Feces is another matter. It contains all the debris your body cannot make use of, fermented (which means eaten and pooped out) by bacteria. Which means that poop contains a very rich and healthy bacterial colony. This is why it is used as a fertilizer, while urine is used as a bleaching agent.

As long as the person does not have a fecal borne illness (which would be quite obvious) their poop is a good source for flora that will correct the flora of your intestines.

What the hell do you think cheese is? Or liquor? Every food you eat contains the poop of some creature. But cheese has entirely been consumed by a bacteria, liquor by a fungus.

Poop isn’t disgusting. It is very interesting. And personally, I enjoy foods and other consumables that have been fermented by being packed in poop. I also eat humans. Which means I have to deal with your intestines.

It doesn’t put me off.

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