ok so Simon, as a non human that i admire and deeply respect and fear just as much, i must know if you have an opinion about Tostitos tortilla chips vs Tostitos tortilla scoops. i am in a heated debate about this matter. also, do you like salsa and/or guacamole? and what is your take on Alfredo sauce?



It occurs to me you might have wanted more specificity.

I think both types of chip are suited to different purposes. Personally I feel the original chip balanced flavors by prohibiting one from acquiring too much dip, however this is suboptimal if your entire purpose is to use the chip as a dip delivery device. Chips originated with tortillas, so if you seek authenticity, stick to the original. If you seek dip, embrace the scoop as an improvement on the original design and eat as much dip as you can.

I like all foods. Even the ones I hate. I eat them until I can make sense of them. I have yet to be flummoxed by anything.

I like Alfredo sauce, but prefer homemade to any jar.

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