Ask a question: why does it matter who I choose?

Conservative ideology is inextricably linked to the brain’s disgust response. As in, people who demonstrate a stronger disgust response in the brain overwhelmingly correlate to conservative politics. It’s visible on an MRI.

Because of this, I can hypothesize that the only way to remove conservative ideology from a person is to disable the disgust response to the thing in question. In most cases this happens when someone they love turns out to also be the thing that disgusts them. This causes a conflict, and the person must actively decide to retain disgust or diffuse it. However, “coming out” is dangerous, because you can never be sure if the person will be willing to confront their own ideas, which is difficult, or eliminate a person they care for from their life. Therefore the only way is to force introspection. Make them consider putting their disgust into words, because it has no legitimacy.

“I don’t like gays because they’re gross.”


And when all they can say is “Because they are…” their disgust is shown to be irrational.

And so I say, ask questions. “Why does it matter to you? Why is that important? How could you ask that? What’s wrong with you?”

And so on.



Indeed. Pick your hypocrisy. Humanity is full of it.

Sure… an alien with 4 large breasts is totally acceptable canon. But an attractive queer character is absurd. *eyeroll* 






this literally changed my mood 180°




every time I reblog this my sister sends me a message to the effect of “thank u for reposting that cat video on your tumblr i have seen it so many times but it delights me every time because their paws are so gentle and graceful”

“The Devil? Where’d it go? I can’t maul it if it vanishes!”



Indeed. Pick your hypocrisy. Humanity is full of it.

Cherry-picking fantasy is like cherry-picking the bible. You are meant to read it and grow. Nothing less, nothing more.

I would argue it is impossible to grow if what you value is undermined by questionable facts or motives.

Hey, Simon? Do you have any advice for someone that’s not sure what to do with themselves? I’m gonna graduate high school soon, and the only thing I know I want for my future is “escape my family”. I’m not even sure how I’m gonna do that, honestly…I guess I just need a bit of reassurance, if you’ve got the time to give some.

If that’s your only goal, your all consuming notion, then likely your home life is exceedingly stressful. If that is true it is likely why you cannot think about anything else. Stress shuts off the rational mind in humans…and well, for me too. Makes me ravenous. Point being, that the stress has prevented you from having any desires except “I need to make this suffering end”.

My advice has two paths.

Firstly, if you have the capacity to, get into a college or some sort of school. Declare a major if you must, but by no means should you consider that decisive. Take classes on anything and everything. Absorb. You’re not there to do aimless meaningless work. You’re there to explore. If you’re not enjoying a subject, avoid it in the future. By degrees and out of the stress of your family, you’ll uncover things that evoke passion. Follow them.

If you haven’t the capacity to go to a higher educational establishment, travel. I know people often complain that traveling requires money, but that’s not true. You can walk anywhere. You can pick fruit for food. I’ve done it the world over. Itinerary labor is still real, and if you haven’t any standards, you can see the world and explore it without a bank account. It becomes more difficult if you have a lover or children, but if you are alone, all you need are supplies and a means of staying safe.

You need to explore. You need to not be afraid of exploring. You have the drive to escape but all to frequently that is desperate. It ends as soon as you are free. Don’t let it. Keep exploring.

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