(Anon that asked about language and jobs and stuff, sorry if that was a lot to ask, I’m just insanely curious about you)

It isn’t a lot. I think that there will always be overlap. Steering what I’ve answered in the past and what I say now, so I always refer people to my website and to my books.

I’m a person. My opinions evolve. I learn constantly. I’ll give an example. I had no idea the Romani community considered “gypsy” to be a slur. I completely understand why they do, I just never had a conversation about it – because I don’t talk to people – and learned that the term had gained a sort of cultural awareness I hadn’t noted. I dislike slurs. I know how they feel. So when I learned this, I researched it. I realized that for centuries, I had used a word that was offensive, without realizing it, because I was talking to an ignorant group about a third party not represented. This bothered me. I feel terrible about it. I’ve eliminated the word from my vocabulary except to refer to the past.

I am always learning and some of my ideas are very Old™. It may take me time, but I swear to you I am always learning and evolving. I have no choice if I’m to survive. So please always ask me questions, hear my current reply, and then cross check it with the past. This will give you an idea of my personality along the metric of time. You will see how I change. To me that is a better measurement of character than any other.

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