this thread is the absolute holy grail of repeated self owns

This thread is making me wet

“I voted for a guy who wants to take rights away from people I love and got backlash for it :(”

“I voted for a Vice President who caused an AIDS outbreak as governor of Indiana while also supporting conversion therapy and other anti-LGBT legislation and now my gay son won’t talk to me :-(”

The absolute refusal to accept responsibility is unbelievable. A fascinating quirk of human intellect.

Accepting that Trump won the election through an outdated technicality will not mitigate the fact that he is a racist and that 15% of this country supported him with fervor and devotion.

You Trump supporters “living this moment together”…now you know what it’s like to be a minority. You don’t like it? Imagine how it feels to be called a rapist because you’re Hispanic, or a gang banger because you’re black, or to be told your marriage and love are a threat to heterosexual relationships. Do that, and…

What is it Kristina always says? Ah yes…

“Suck a fat dick.”

Wait a minute… isn’t the thing with the multiple parentheses around a word something neo-nazis do to indicate Jewish people? Is there literally a neo-nazi there in that thread?


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