this thread is the absolute holy grail of repeated self owns

This thread is making me wet

“I voted for a guy who wants to take rights away from people I love and got backlash for it :(”

“I voted for a Vice President who caused an AIDS outbreak as governor of Indiana while also supporting conversion therapy and other anti-LGBT legislation and now my gay son won’t talk to me :-(”

The absolute refusal to accept responsibility is unbelievable. A fascinating quirk of human intellect.

Accepting that Trump won the election through an outdated technicality will not mitigate the fact that he is a racist and that 15% of this country supported him with fervor and devotion.

You Trump supporters “living this moment together”…now you know what it’s like to be a minority. You don’t like it? Imagine how it feels to be called a rapist because you’re Hispanic, or a gang banger because you’re black, or to be told your marriage and love are a threat to heterosexual relationships. Do that, and…

What is it Kristina always says? Ah yes…

“Suck a fat dick.”

I tell my folks, “Trump’s a racist and both him and Pence hate gays.” Their usual response is “I don’t believe that’s so, it’s just the way they’re depicted in media,” and I’m supposed to show them the receipts like this is class and my essay needs a bibliography.


But I’ve accepted that they will NEVER understand. Now I just need to convince my subconscious that it’s hopeless to try explaining to them, and to stop getting upset when they don’t get things.

And I would cut almost all ties, but they’re the only people physically here for me when I need help. Also they live so close by, it would be awkward af to sever ties without moving away. They still love & care about me, they just don’t understand. It’s a weird, guilt-imposing place to be.

Indeed. I’d just run them into sausage.

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