How does one befriend you? Like you see cool and like you’d be fun to talk to, but I dont know how to approach that


  1. Message me and say hey.
  2. Chit-chat.
  3. Understand that I work full time and will soon be back in school full time so maintaining casual online friendships can get overwhelming and I may disappear for a few days or weeks, but it has nothing to do with you, and I genuinely enjoy talking to you, so you don’t take it personally and get anxious about annoying me bc you’re not!!!!
  4. Message me and say hey again.
  5. We keep chit-chatting.
  6. We’re friends!

You forgot “give me a recipe for how to cook my hands inside my own chest cavity” because I’m fairly certain that’s how our friendship began.

Point being that this anon should not feel awkward. I have given all anons who wish to approach Molly Anne an open pass to never be as awkward as I have been in this process.

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