Scrolling through your blog while eating breakfast was not a good idea… help

*mirthless cackle*

I make no apologies.

I recommend getting over squeamishness if you want to remain here…I’m not shy about my proteins or my absolutely offensively compulsive love of food.

You’re lucky you weren’t here for the Easter post about the deviled egg I made. We called it the egg of the risen dead, because it was made with a fermented egg. Six months buried in lime makes the white an inky purple and the yolk a ghoulish green, and they stink like a bottle of ammonia. Humans invented them, so don’t hold me to account for that oddity.

Also, I recommend not looking up the “bad recipe challenge” tag.

It’s not all bad. The other day I gave advice on cooking the perfect steak. I’m afraid it just varies day to day.

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