Sorry if this is already answered in your books, but I just started reading and keys are hampering my progress. Anyways, how did you come to learn language, if no one was around to really teach it to you? Was it more like immersive learning, like if you stuck an English speaking person in a non-English setting, such as Mexico, and they, through immersion, learn Spanish? Also, do you have to deal with social security numbers or taxes? Do you do anything for a living? What’s your resume look like?

That’s a lot to cover.

Firstly it is immersive. I have the benefit of having learned language in a time when there were many dead and dumb people. I played that well, and I picked up verbal patterns, cues, consistencies. Over time I learned. The first language I learned to understand and speak was French.

With regard to occupation, it depends on lifetimes. In this lifetime I own several businesses and deal in antiques. In previous lives I’ve kept up a fairly humanoid regimen of occupational shifts. I have a social security number because I am adept at identity theft. Thank the 80’s for being easier. I don’t know how the next life will go. You’re getting smarter. I pay taxes. I vote beneath my name. I have devised clever ways of inheriting my own property.

I hope that answers it for you. You’ll uncover more as you read. The short stories deal with this also. You can track how I learned over time.

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