Wait why humanna? Howdo you pick em out? Also I cnanot sleep yet I have wokr to do

It’s all in my materials.

Allow me to outline this for you, and the some 150 new readers as of today.

I have materials. They consist of:

2 published volumes of my journal (composed of entries taken from my original website)

An ongoing interactive collection of short stories based on questions about my past.

My website which varies a number of stories, conjectures about my species, answers to questions, and so forth.

My many social media accounts and my social club interactions.

All of these materials are largely free. The books are published via an app that allows people to coin farm to obtain access. Why not post them for free? Because while I don’t need the money, the books were a labor for an entire staff of publishing folks, and they make money off them. All of the proceeds I make from the books go back to the readers. I can detail it if you like. I have written literally several million words, about my current life and my life in the past. I’ve given historical insight, written whole essays on everything from food in the 1300’s to the equivalency of currencies in the past. Your task, should you accept it, is to read the provided materials (as many as you need) and give me the answer to my question.


This experiment is for my benefit. I am doing it for myself. You are helping me work something out. You gentle readers are assisting me to prove or disprove something that is very important to me personally, and I appreciate it immensely. You’re also helping me prove something about you.

And “why humans” is simply biological. I have to eat you. But it’s all discussed at length in my materials.

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