This is the easiest way to piss a conservative off though… Like ask for a specific source and they FLIP

That boy short-circuited


Conservative ideology is quantifiable via MRI. it correlates with the disgust response. The human brain is incapable of processing both disgust/hate/rage and mathematical or rational figures at the same time.

What I mean to suggest, is not that a liberal cannot be irrational or angry, but that an ideological conservative begins that way. A liberal can become so angry and dissatisfied that they stop processing data, true, but a person who maintains ideological conservativism (sexism, religious purity, racism, xenophobia, economic isolation, homophobia, transphobia, or any other “conservative” or disgust-based ideology) short circuits their ability to perceive facts and process them from the offset.

Hatred and disgust interfere with the proper understanding and use of facts. Which is one reason I am constantly asserting that the liberals I know calm themselves, see the social crimes as data, because otherwise you cannot fight. You can only stop hatred with truth, and you can only use truth if you can focus on it.

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