I witnessed a massive slug migration. A ten foot span of sidewalk covered in about two dozen slugs, each varying in size from two to three inches. I stopped for a moment to admire them. It’s been a long while since I saw such fine specimens.

I wonder if they’re edible. I’ve eaten several kinds of snail, and at one time I used to gather them from gardens and sell them to ladies. Mixed with sugar, they liquefy and were at one time a highly sought after cosmetic item.

Simmer down, you gentle readers who want to shout at me “Leave the slugs alone Simon, you voracious bastard!” I would only eat one as a test, but I was on my way somewhere. If they turn out edible, well then they’ll have to learn to slither faster.

I would imagine so, but if they’re city slugs, they’re probably full of toxins…


I’ve looked into this previously because

A. I love escargot

B. I like foraging

Apparently they’re not recommended for human consumption, mostly because they can harbor a range of nasty parasites and diseases.

Seeing as you are

A. Not human

B. Are not susceptible to most illnesses or parasites

Then I’d say go for it. Let me know how they taste I’m curious and want to experience it vicariously through someone who won’t end up in the emergency room if they sample it for science’s sake.

Excellent. I should have tried them years ago! I don’t know why I didn’t except that I was so busy eating everything else.

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