Calling all gentle readers…

It seems I have impeccable timing.

As you may know, I recently posted about my desire to publish the cookbook but retain control of it. With your obliging notes, I put the question to my agent.

It seems that my agency, which already owns its own publishing house, will be launching a new indent called “Strange Fuse” next year. My agent was excited to include the cookbook collection in the upcoming publications!

So very soon, you will be able to purchase a hard copy for your shelf!

But! For you see, there is more! Apparently the company also wants to put together a digital profile of some sort. They’re calling it “Fuse Box” that essentially entails anything digital pertaining to the readership. Fan art, fan fictions, and so on! I am told anything goes, so long as it is digital. This will create a kind of digital landscape or map of the “fandom” and provide any readers with additional content to look over.

So I put this to you…

Would you like to contribute?

These materials will be used to launch and advertise the books. This is a “fans only” sort of thing without remuneration, but it is a lovely way for me to showcase so many of the wonderful fan art contributions!

So, if you want to give me some sort of digital media to include in the “fuse box”, please do submit a high resolution or edited copy to my email loncreature @ gmail with the subject “Fuse Box contribution”!

I thank you kindly for your interest and time!

You have until March to produce these items.

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