Just a casual reminder that Jennifer Lawrence is a horrible person who mocks and disrespects the culture of the disenfranchised

JFC how could you not even be aware of how asinine you’re being?

ok but chris pratt pressing his fists

he was ready

Didn’t Chris Pratt used to live in Hawaii before he got famous?

He did! He was also homeless during that time of his life.

that’s….that’s fucking disgusting

I…don’t even know where to begin with this.

I can appreciate her youth and her lack of belief. I am an atheist. But…if you meant to seduce people to your understanding of things…scratching your ass on their heritage is probably not the best idea.

I now have tremendous respect for Chris Pratt. He always comes across as such a silly chap, but I now see he has a deep character beneath that.

Guardians of the Galaxy was better than Hinger Games anyway.

Luau parties are racist, dressing up as a sexy hula dancer is the same as blackface, tiki statues are sacred, not for drinking out of. Hawaii was a recognized monarchy until mutinying US soldiers and racist plantation owners kidnapped the queen and forced her to cede our kingdom. Even the US president at the time condemned it as an act of war.

Quite so. And yet it is largely forgotten and completely erased from American History.

Now let’s all stuff our faces and drink rum.

There are times humans are so despicable it makes me cringe.

I wonder what her reaction would be if someone said they use her films as butt scratching inplements? Perhaps that’s the only way to impress upon her the error?

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