“What’s the most complex thing you do in your kitchen?”

“I don’t know…Worry about death?”

i misread “if you are in the path of irma” as “if you are in the path of llama” and im v sorry but I just imagined someone getting trampled by a pack of llamas





I cannot discuss this, as I have read the Spawn the “llama llama mad at mama” and “llama llama red pajama” books

Llama Llama Holiday Drama is also great

Oh no

Also I highly recommend A Ghost Named Fred, Popcorn (by Frank Asche) and Creepy Carrots for Halloween

Thank you

If you are American

And don’t watch the news from other countries…

You’re ridiculous.

We have global culture. Stop thinking you are exempt because of your skin tone.

There are people suffering. The Caribbean no longer exists. Stop being so fucking ignorant.

Fuck you.

Mr. Trump.

Nothing you say is accurate. There have been many hurricanes of this strength. The difference is that people had support. You took that away. And I might add…

You have an opportunity to be brave.

You won’t.

That’s a prediction. Prove me wrong.

I want to talk to you off anon, but I am Very Afraid™ of you, to the point of me shaking. I’m also lowkey afraid I might be or get annoying and/or you’ll get pissed off at me?? Are you sure it’s okay to talk to you? (sorry if this is a stupid ask dfkhjhh)

My dear…

I am Old™. I have a very altered perspective. I don’t get “pissed off”. I am more worried about the people in the paths of wildfires and hurricanes.

I am completely ambivalent to minor concerns.

While I respect the skepticism associated with meeting me, I will not harm you.

Come to me as you will.

If you are in the path of Irma

Contact me and let me put you in touch with resources.

Stay safe.

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