Because sometimes what you need most is a real-life muppet in the form of a fluffy Tawny Frogmouth chick. This little cotton ball with a beak and two legs hatched on August 31st at Vogelpark Olching, a bird park located outside of Munich, Germany. The chick is the very first Tawny Frogmouth to hatch at the park and has been aptly named… wait for it… Fluffy.


“Tawny Frogmouths are native to Australia and are named for their wide, frog-like mouths. They feed at night on moths, spiders, worms, beetles, scorpions, frogs, and reptiles. Their coloration and ability to sit motionless provide excellent camouflage, making the birds nearly impossible to detect as they perch in trees. To increase the effect, they often sit with the head tilted upward to mimic a broken tree branch. These birds are often mistaken for owls, but they are not closely related.”

Head over to ZooBorns to learn more these awesome birbs.

[via ZooBorns]

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