Or die for your country, or vote for the leaders of the world, or own property, or embrace other vices that might be in some way detrimental…

But heaven forbid they drink the one thing humanity as been drinking since society began, even more than they did water, because the water wasn’t safe.

It’s absolute stupidity.

thank you

I forgot marrying. That you can marry legally at 15 in some places with parental consent, therefore be an emancipated minor who is officially allowed to have children…but you still can’t drink alcohol, is just uncatergoirzable insanity.

You can sign up for the armed forces and literally give your life for your country at 18, but you can’t legally sip a glass of wine at your own (arguably way too early) wedding at 18.

England (and other countries) have the drinking age set to 18, and I don’t think their problems involving alcohol and alcoholism are any worse than ours.

Of course underage drinking is so taboo here that if you immediately repealed the age to 18 then there’d be hundreds more alcohol poisoning cases instantly.

That is because people treat their children as appendages and not people they should be talking to, who character needs informative discussion, who require education.

I put it to you, that every country that has a low drinking age, has far less rates of alcoholism later in life.

eeeeh, it depends a lot on local culture imo. NZ has a drinking age of 18, and relatively low rates of alcoholism, but we as a culture have huge issues with binge-drinking and its effects (death from alcohol poisoning, injury, road accidents from drunk driving, etc). Europe, on average, is a lot better than us with this.

What are the age groups of the highest rates of alcoholism and binge drinking?

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