This storm gets scarier and scarier by the hour. Cubans, and Floridans……, my thoughts and prayers go out to y’all.


“Just how big and powerful is Hurricane Irma? According to the National Hurricane Center, it is the strongest Atlantic basin hurricane ever recorded. As it clears the Caribbean and bears down on the US Southeast, here are some other shocking numbers and facts to keep in mind:

70,000: The square mileage of Irma’s tropical storm force winds. That’s larger than the area of Florida, which is 65,000 square miles.

300 miles: The diameter of those tropical storm force winds, which is about twice as wide as Florida’s peninsula.

185 miles per hour: The top strength of Irma’s maximum sustained winds (though it has since dropped). 1992’s Hurricane Andrew, the most destructive hurricane to hit Florida, had maximum winds of 175 mph. Florida Gov. Rick Scott warned that Irma was “bigger, faster and stronger” than Andrew, which hit as a Category 5.40 million”

Reminder that people don’t take hurricanes with female names as seriously as hurricanes with male names and you really fucking should.

@weavemama Yup. People die more often in hurricanes when they have female names than male ones, even if the hurricane was less severe.

People think if it’s a woman it can’t be as powerful or severe, and don’t take necessary precautions, leading Nature to do its thing and let Darwinism take the wheel.


Whoooaaa I didn’t even know this. I don’t even pay that much attention to hurricane names, it’s shame how people bring sexism into it when no one of that should even matter. Whether a hurricane is named after a male, female, dinosaur, fashion brand, ect……if professionals say that shit is dangerous, that shit is dangerous and YOU NEED TO TAKE THE PROPER SAFETY PRECAUTIONS.

Hurricane names are chosen by regions, using names that are popular in the region associated so that they can be easily remembered. They alternate in gender and are named alphabetically. Which means, every other hurricane will have a female name. I highly recommend that the service do away with names. They should instead adopt a number system. Humans are too susceptible to suggestion

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