The way rich people experience the world is really wild

I need context so bad

this was honestly an article on the BBC news website about how you can save money by making sandwiches and not buying them.

the guy seemed to genuinely think that the idea had occurred to him alone and that he was doing the world a service by telling us that sandwiches could in fact be made by average citizens and not just by large supermarkets.

the worst part is that he thought he had to have the same sandwich every single day and ended the article saying that it’s ok if you don’t mind eating the same sandwich filling for weeks on end.

guess his mind will be blown when he finds out that he’s also legally allowed to mix up his fucking lunch order whenever he wants.

can’t wait for the follow up article.

I LOVE the context it makes it SO MUCH BETTER thank you

This could have been an Onion article, without a single change, to be perfectly honest. It would be satire if it wasn’t so clearly serious. So one has to wonder what the satire of this article would look like.

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