probably a taurus sun, virgo moon, and hmmm capricorn rising, very earthy and practical. Analytical, stubborn/set in your ways, and a very straight forward and to others, pessimistic view of the world <3

I don’t feel that applies to me.

I am pessimistic in humor but not in philosophy. I am not set in my ways. I am 2000 years old and yet here I be, taking up the patois of the avocado fed millennials. I make it a practice to learn new things always while maintaining those old things which ought to be. I am only stubborn upon points of honor or personal boundaries. I am practical only because I must be. And because it maintains focus in me.

I will give you highly analytical. The above bears that out. I am hyper rational at times.

I’m not certain I agree with that assessment however.

But thank you for trying.

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