When your therapist asks you to write emotions you feel

Ok which one of you brought this back

tag urself, I’m “idk, but it hurts”


I’d like to add “I can’t remember any of it, but I think that’s for the best.” And “have you ever gone through a plate glass window?”

Both of those are also strangely relatable, and although I can’t say I have gone through a plate glass window , I imagine my emotional state and how it leaves me feeling on a physical level is reminiscent of what that might feel like.

I was using that as a metaphor for rage, but yes, your meaning is also excellent.

I’m too tired and sad all the time for anger, hence why I didn’t think of it, to be honest, but boy when I get mad, its more like setting your kitchen stove on fire, and just watching it burn instead of doing anything, and hoping it goes out on its own because you’re just too tired to stop it.

I feel like I’m living in perpetual exhaustion.

You likely are. You need to see a doctor. Let’s also add “watching the house burn” to the list.

Can we add “I’m going to fail this quiz but I’m too apathetic/tired to care” to the list as well?


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