All this talk of beer and Halloween has put a spell on me. Look what I received today as a gift!

This beer is quite good.

Light on the hops, deep red in color with a frothy head. Contains notes of molasses, roasted nuts, brown sugar, Caramell, and very reminiscent of a nice brown bread.

It’s a brown ale, made in England. God how I miss the old Brown ales made with Brown malt. All the beers these days are made with pale, because it is cheaper, but it doesn’t matter how you treat the grain. Some of us can still tell it isn’t brown malt.

So delicious. I remember my first drink of a brown ale. I was in a pub in the Vintry called Three Cranes.

I miss that place. It was such a lovely little hell hole.

Down the lane there was a publisher and so a book and a pint as a wonderful day out. The food was terrible and the people there all of the sort that either made you roll your eyes or guard your purse.

Oh my…I’d forgotten! @youcantseebutimmakingaface those books! The ones you have? Read the publication pages. Look for Venge, at the Black Bull

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