I did a (virgin) Bloody Mary with one of the hot sauces. I decided to this time around submit the video straight to you cause I know Tumblr doesn’t always show you when you’re tagged. 

(And I don’t really think you’ll be mad at me for using Real Lemon rather than a real lemon. I just improvise every single thing I say when I make videos. Nothing is scripted.) 

That was amusing. Actually V8 is perfectly reasonable in that context. If never put bullion in mine, but I suppose that’s because it always ends up having meat laced vodka in it and sundry other meat related things. Thank you for fulfilling my request!

For those who would like to know:

Bacon Bloody Mary

1-2 oz. vodka (I make mine with bacon infused vodka)

Tomato juice (I use Clamato, but that’s because I prefer it)

Dash lemon juice

As much Worcestershire sauce as you can handle (I also add a bit of horseradish sauce)

Dash or two of hot sauce.

Shake over ice, salt the rim of the glass (I make bacon salt), pour, garnish with a stall of celery, and a toothpick with a few olives. (Or a piece of bacon)

If you want to make your own bacon salt and vodka, all you have to do is fry enough bacon to render a few tablespoons of fat. Pour the fat into a bottle of vodka (this means you get to take a shot to make space) shake the bottle like mad for two minutes. Store in the freezer overnight, run the vodka through a cheesecloth and put back into the bottle. Mince up the bacon, or run it through a food processor and then mix it with equal measure of margarita salt or any coarse ground salt. If you’d like, ad a dash of garlic powder, onion powder, or celery root. Perhaps some black pepper.

You’ll thank me.

Also…and I hate to say this, because it makes me cringe, you can substitute the vodka for another liquor if you wish. I’m not sure what it is you dislike about vodka. I can assure you meat vodka is actually quite nice as that insipid ethanol flavor is cut nicely. I know you cannot have pork, but perhaps some steak vodka? Are you willing to attempt steak vodka?

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