hi im really excited for the shape of water


I’m not adept at copying tags on mobile, but the tag was #minus the heterosexuality this seems relevant to your interests.

And that is exactly right. I am so bitter that we can get a movie about a lady fucking a sea monster, but just a regular, human on human gay relationship is too much for most media to show, let alone dude-on-monster-dude.

That bitterness only slightly undercuts my excitement for mainstream monster fucking.

@mostlyhydratrash Dom, just remind yourself that now, whenever someone raises objections to some good ol dude-on-dude onscreen action, we can go, OH, SO THIS NICE LADY GETTING RAWED BY A FISHMAN DOESN’T BUG YOU, BUT TWO DUDES SWAPPING SPIT IS “TOO MUCH”? and crush them!


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