this is what an intrusive thought looks like physically

@copperbadge bc reasons

I’ve heard these are really good! I mean basically you’re adding sugar water and extra leavening to the cake, and in this case a little lemon flavoring. I wanna try making one sometime. 

Guys I might just be one big walking-around intrusive thought.

I can’t look at those things anymore without hearing Jeanne Robertson in my head.

How have I never heard of this woman, she’s amazing.

Whoa this is a LEMON CAKE. 

It came out pretty tasty, though!

I used the recipe found here, halved. For the five eggs, I used two eggs plus an egg yolk; it took 90 minutes to bake, but that’s because it was in a square pan, not a ring pan. That middle took forever to cook, but at least the edges didn’t burn. 


I enjoy that speaker and that cake type. Her long discussion of the pashmina scarf is amusing. As for the original picture, what no one has said, that should be said – it wasn’t a real soda cake, as it clearly says on the label it was made with real 7up FLAVORING

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