The River Monsters guy is also pretty sure that one/a few of these occasionally swimming up the River Ness is the Loch Ness Monster. Seems plausible to me.

One dish I’ve never tried.

Do you really want to?

Yes. If it can be eaten, I will eat it. Until there’s not one new thing on this bloody rock to eat, and then I will consider leaving it and eating other planets.

Perhaps with an assistant riding some sort of bright, shining means of conveyance ahead of you, to announce your arrival. Silver, perhaps, gold is gauche. Something that can ride cosmic waves, a board of some sort.

Don’t you dare reference a horrible franchise. I forbid it. I will eat everything I please.


Not a fantastic four fan, then. The comics weren’t so bad.

I agree, but the silver surfer? Really? Really?! Is that what you equate to me and mine? His master was nothing more than a bloated ego maniac.

I eat everything there is to eat so that I can experience it. Not so that I can destroy. I’m more a Vishnu than a Shiva, thank you kindly.

It was more of a low effort “he’s gonna eat planets” joke, really. Also, today I learned you’re a comic fan, which is cool.

I’ve been reading them since the very beginning. I have a small and select collection of them. Mostly of the Batman and D.C. Universe. In the modern context, I prefer Marvel’s Avengers to the Justice League, but with regard to character interest I enjoy the JL

This went from Pee shark to the comic debate. What a ride.

Stick with me. You’ll never be bored, I’ll reckon.

You’ve proved that much, Simon. You never disappoint.


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