this is fucking with my head so hard

*confused and angry squeaking*

*hissing and backing away from the unknown*

Without doing science to test this, I’m pretty sure it’s the pattern of tiny squares at the corner of the big black squares. For a single big square, the tiny checkerboard alternates direction as you go left to right, but it’s the SAME up and down, which means it’s alternating horizontally and mirroring vertically.

So like, when you look at the leftmost block in the highlighted row here. The top left the tiny black squares blend into the larger black block. The tiny white squares mostly blend into the pale blue background. If you draw a rough four-edged shape around the contiguous chunk of blackness, it’s less of a square than a TRAPEZOID. It looks wider at the left edge and narrower at the right edge, because it visually flares at the left and visually pinches at the right.

Those words may or may not make sense, but I’m much too lazy to drag out my tablet right now.

Thank you, this actually does make the illusion process for me.

Or in picture form, this is how your brain is reading the edge of the black squares:


Doesn’t work on me.

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