Lavender Wine

2-3 cups fresh Lavender Blossoms 2/3 cups Sugar 1/2 Lemon, thinly sliced 1 quart Vodka Cut the leaves and stems off of Lavender flowers and place the unwashed blossoms in a jar. Add the remaining ingredients, stir and cap. Shake the mixture daily and let cure for 2 weeks. Strain and serve over crushed ice in 1 oz. servings.

@simonalkenmayer You know about wine and such and as I can’t drink, I figure this might be interestin’ to you!

It is a lemon lavender infused vodka. It would go well with sparkling wines, elderflower, or diluted with soda

“Mysteries of the Unexplained” is currently (as in, i’m watching a not-seen-before rerun right now) trying to claim that the Spanish Flu was delivered unto us by aliens under disguise of the Fatima miracles/apparitions 3 months earlier, and I just thought you’d get a kick outta it.

I’ve heard that one – that the grim reaper is the depiction of aliens in biohazard suits and that the plague doctor’s mask was the medieval attempt to replicate the suits…

That is…absolutely absurd. The nose of the plague mask was stuffed with herbs supposed to keep out the miasma. And skeletons do not have masks.

It’s all very silly. One day I am going to eat that racist bastard who makes the Ancient Aliens program.

found in a physics text book







Physics majors throw a lot of shade considering they’re still not sure where 95% of the universe is hidden.

My brother’s (a graduated theoretical physicist) only response to this was


My brother is a physics major and has legitimately lost sleep over the fact that “We don’t even know where most of the universe is, man.” 


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