can’t stop thinking about the cursed freaky friday dvd we got


so when freaky friday came out my family was OBSESSED like we rented it to the point where we decided to buy it but we couldn’t find a copy anywhere until we got one at a gas station on the edge of town. immediately we brought it home and turned it on. we couldn’t figure out how to turn the subtitles off but we loved it so much so we didn’t care. until a few minutes in. gradually the subtitles stopped matching the actual dialogue and at first it was like casual conversation that we didn’t think anything of then it started saying like “get in the car” and “they’ll never find you” and all this weird shit. we kept reading out of curiousity but then the sound cut out and it made a hissing noise. there was a deep voice that said “where’s bob” which is my dad who wasn’t home at the time so my mom hopped up and threw that fucker out

this didn’t stop our love so we bought another at walmart and didn’t have a problem

Sounds like someone had an amusing afternoon making that copy.

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