People aren’t the only ones with vivid imaginations

@simonalkenmayer I need you to reblog this for all the people because it saves me a metric duck ton of tagging!

A metric Duck ton sounds delicious.

It does, doesn’t it?

But no, that’s what my phone autocorrects the f- word to and I let it. Never know if I’m going to offend someone. Maybe not most people, but I normally curse like a sailor, so might as well censor the worst of it.

I ate Duck for lunch, because of you. Not a metric duck ton, but a large duck.

Where’d you go?

Also for a good second I thought you meant our Duck and was like SIMON WHYH

I worded it that way specifically, because I’ve talked to Duck so many times, that Siri now corrects fuck to Duck, and Dick to Duck

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