Is this the reason Straight Men don’t vent their problems to one another? Because they think sex is mandatory in reciprocation?

that would explain a lot.

This actually makes me extremely sad tbh

Subconsciously, perhaps, but it wasn’t always this way.

Who started this bullshit idea that men don’t share their feelings with other men? It’s stupid! Is it really better to bottle up every feeling beside anger and keep it to yourself for the sake of a public image? Gah, patriarchy. It’s mind numbing.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but chivalry is where it all began.

How so? The expectation of being ‘tall, dark, and handsome’? Stoic?

Winning the fair maiden’s hand through heroic feats?

I never understood the winning of hands, like, we aren’t lady deers or bighorn sheep.

That was when there began this preposterous notion that men had to be champions, which meant keeping their feelings silent. Before the Crusades, men were soldiers or farmers or simple folk or whathaveyou. Each man had a role, and his path to god was to fulfill that role to the best of his ability. Then the Crusades made barbarism fit for God’s sight, and men found they could be utter bastards while being lauded as heroes, nigh unto sainthood. Chivalry was always hollow, always unattainable. And that impossible goal was made possible by the Church condoning violence in God’s name, and so Chivalry didn’t die out as it should have. It became a mask for cruelty and an utter farce. And yet it was linked with the health of the soul, it put women in their “proper place”, and it further reinforced this notion that only men could rule society.

In the Dark Ages, things were different. Romans had stoicism, but they had no prohibitions against sharing feelings with members of the same sex. And before that, the Greeks were perfectly content to listen to Achilles weep over the tiniest thing.

It began with Chivalry, with knightly conduct, with the linkage of war, impossible virtue, and the papal doctrine that gave men a pass to be their worst selves when being as pure as driven snow proved impossible.

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