Me: I still really enjoy Rick and Morty despite people starting to see as a “cringy” interest 

clearly very straight white dude wearing rick and morty shirt: yeah me too, those trigglypuffs just don’t get how deep it is- 


I have the feeling that Rick and Morty is gonna be a red flag in a similar vein to Fight Club: If a dude tells you he loves it because Rick is so awesome/relatable/whatever, smile, nod, and get the fuck out of there.

yes thank you, somebody gets the point of this post 

I enjoy the show, but not because Rick is relatable. I enjoy it because it is obvious his way of life is unsustainable, and much of what he is will either have to be remade, or the universe will have to be remade. Which to me provides the depth. If people like it because it reflects them and their ego, well…that is true of the toxic elements in any fan group. It doesn’t make the original in any way worse. It just means that like anything, some terrible people enjoy it and use it as a banner for their stupidity.

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