#freshly peeled sheeps

reblogging solely for that deeply unnerving caption



Fuck this. Does everyone just not see the blood scrapes on some of their backs and faces???!!! Anyone, seriously, correct me if I’m wrong because this is making me upset af

Domesticated sheep need to be sheared because they don’t shed their coats on their own and it can be bad for their health if it gets too big.

Also, it looks considering how close they cut that it went fairly well. I see like 2 nicks maybe, but with the photo it’s hard to tell. I mean, unfortunately, you’re going to nick a few animals because they don’t understand the order of “stand still” very well. 

Sheep can die from heat exhaustion if they aren’t sheared. 

Also, their skin secretes lanolin, which quickly soothes and heals any nicks they get during shearing. 

in conclusion, it is good to peel the sheeps

Please peel your sheeps

Go take your anti peeling agenda elsewhere

Goat onions

Also…I hate to keep saying this, but everything has consequences. No one bothers to ask toxicologists about the 60,000 chemical byproducts of industry, namely manufacturing synthetic clothes that hurt no animals…No one knows what any of these chemicals do. They don’t even measure them properly.

There are consequences. So pick them. nick a few sheep for your wool coat, or poison every living thing on it with your faux wool.

Make a choice.

I, for one, peel sheep.

Also, as speaking as a farm kid, did you know sheep get maggots in their wool if not sheared in time? And if they remain unsheared those maggots can eat into their skin and cause weeping sores. 

Just saying. The sheep are much happier and healthier if regularly peeled. 

Indeed. If I was a fly, I could imagine no better place to lay eggs than this, save a rotting corpse.

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