Artisan Carefully Carves Avocado Pits into Fantastical Figures of the Forest

her name is Jan Campbell!!!!

So this is what the millennials are doing with all the avocados they eat on toast, while wallowing in their own poverty and education/literacy rates.

They’re…replenishing? the whittling industry?

Excellent. I approve.

Excellent use of internet punctuation! Yeah, apparently we’re bringing back tons of random crafts. Good job, us!

Thank you! I learned from watching Molly Anne. She is gifted in making her tenor understood with simple markings. I now…KNOW? When she’s being rhetorical.

Which is excellent.

Do you realize that the visual medium of writing now encodes more data than the spoken counterpart? Isn’t that astonishing? Isn’t it incredible? To think I spent so many centuries thinking written words were entirely useless. Well, i suppose they were for most people, in a way, but I saw them as something of a burden, when in fact they are quite liberating.

I am pleased beyond words that I can read and that I can learn and that I have all of you to teach me.

I’m fucking laughing I feel like a small ant that did something absolutely insignificant in front of a really enthusiastic entomologist???

me: *yells blindly for two minutes about naruto and bed canopies*
simon: Language is…..amazing!

Molly Anne: *displays incredible charisma and personality via a few simple lines and dots on a page, utterly captivating a Very Odd Person on the internet who may or may not be a 2000 year old man-eating monster*

Me: *is captivated* *finds new respect for written words*

Molly Anne: My dude, two birds with one stone! ALL. In a day’s work? LET’S TALK…ABOUT NARUTO!!!!

I can’t believe Simon’s ready to go on internet forums and fucking roleplay as me y’all

*rolls up sleeves*


I am READY to go!!!

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