An interesting thing about VeggieTales is that the Bible stories it retells are mostly restricted to the Old Testament, because the creator made a promise to his mother that he would never depict Jesus as a vegetable

That is…terribly disappointing.

I’ve been working on my Holy Trinity of Cheeses Sauce recipe for nothing.


you know how most alien species that attack earth are portrayed as these monsters that travel from planet to planet consuming all resources and destroying all life?

usually the first planet they ruin is their home planet

and every so often i get this needling thought that is becoming my greatest nightmare: 

humanity is going to become an intergalactic plague of locusts 

the monsters of our stories were us all along



Me: “Hmm, medication could make it possible for me to do the things I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t been able to. It might open grad school as a genuine possibility by allowing me to function efficiently in a rigorous academic environment, and open new opportunities I previously never thought I’d be able to pursue. It could be extremely helpful and make a world of difference in my scholastic performance and general adulting.”

Also me: “….but my dad disapproves of being reliant on chemicals and thinks it’s unnecessary. Hmm. He’s probably right, so I’d better not consider it further.”

“Reliance on chemicals”? Does your father hold a degree in neurochemistry? May I advise you that your body has an ideal equilibrium for the species, something your genes and the random mutations of illness and everday life will fight at all costs. It is easy to become chemically off-balance. Should that mean you leave it be until you’re so dysfunctional you die?

Let me ask you this. If a person was in need of an amputation, would you tell them not to get it because they might have to rely on crutches for the rest of their life? Or would you tell them to maximize their quality of life for the brief instant they are on this ridiculous planet?

Answer me that. And then try the medication. And also, tell your father to “eat a giant dick”.

There is nothing “abnormal” about requiring medications. The reason humans live as long as they do now is because they have medications. Before them, people died at thirty five. The body is a sensitive system. Respect it and maintenance it.

What your father thinks is not only wrong, insensitive, and ableist, it’s also stupid and prejudiced.








I feel as if I should begin making tags for all the running jokes

I have several. Millennials and avocados being one. Bees and the Bumblr Strike. My professional distance from felines. My appreciation of dogs. The snails. Garlic, if you’re sassy.

I feel as if there are more than this.

Yes! @vampireapologist and the turtles I’d eat

The four horsemen of the hay ride.

The tea party.

Tuff Turf

Swooping (and your disdain for it)



leave the turtles out of this

No…I don’t think I can. They’re delicious after all.

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