The Adventures of Pocket Simon™

@simonalkenmayer Look what we found! If this is a memorial of some kind, I do feel a bit bad about this, but I did it quickly regardless. I was walking around St. Paul’s, off Paternoster Row, and there was this exhibit of all these names. I glanced to my right and there it was! Backward! So I took this!

Now you have this, my dude, as far as I can tell, in about the same spot you were when you were drinking wine from the barrel during the Great Fire.

Its the Blood Cancer Awareness sculpture

More @kristinalmeister (i don’t think you did wrong btw, it’s meant to draw attention and generate discussion, and “Patient Simon” might have gotten a chuckle outta it.)

Each of the pieces symbolises an individual with blood cancer, sized perfectly to match the individual’s height and recreating their name in huge vertically placed letters. The sculptures are arranged to reflect the patterns that occur when people gather in crowds, and set in a recurring typeface that emphasises their shared experiences. At night the pieces become illuminated, casting overlapping shadows and taking on a different dimension.

That is very nice. I don’t mind the association at all. I am happy that my little counterpart can help draw attention to blood cancer

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